Derek Stanford's Classroom

  • Hello Students and Parents. I hope and pray that every one of you are remaining safe while practicing safe social distancing.  I know we all are experiencing difficult times adjusting to this new way of normalcy. It can really test our patience as we are trying to get information and resources to your households as soon as possible, for continued online educational purposes. 

    If you haven't received answers to your questions already you soon will; by either Chester High School administration, Chester Upland School district website, or Ms. Cameron Superintendent Baughn's telephone message or email/mail correspondence. Be sure that the Chester high School administration has YOUR most recent and best contact information so that important dates and other information can be communicated as quickly to you as possible.

    Below I have set up a google classroom link for all of the classes I teach, separated and identified by the period you would normally take them. Freshmen Students in World of Work classes can follow the same schedule. As for my I.T. Student periods, _______can follow the _____schedule. My Seniors in I.T. have a different exclusive schedule.

    Contact Information


    Phone: 215-395-3457   

    Mr. Stanford’s Schedule

    • Monday Wednesday & Thursday
      • 1st periods 8:13 - 9:04am
      • 3rd period 9:55am-10:46am
      • 6th/7th - 7th/8th period 11:37am-12:58pm
      • 10th period 1:49pm-2:40pm;
      • LUNCH 11:37am - 12:07pm
    •  Tuesday Thursday & alternate Fridays (B)
      • 2nd Periods start at 9:04am - 9:55am
      • 4/5 - 5/6 Periods 10:46am-11:37am
      • 9th Periods 12:58am-1:49pm
      • Homework 1:49pm-2:40pm
    • Office Hours
      • Monday-Friday, 9:05 a.m.-9:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.-2:30 p.m.