Online Learning Strategies for Teachers

  • Strategies for Teachers to Increase Student Success during Online learning

    1. Establish clear expectations

    -Try to keep online instructions short, simple and clear.

    -Consider making video instructions instead of text.

    -Provide visual reminders of rules to follow and work to complete.

    -Help students focus by using different colored fonts on-screen to aide in distinguishing important ideas.

    -Help your students break larger assignments into smaller tasks. Encourage them to take breaks between tasks.

    -Allow your students to make choices and have input over their assignments. Consider use of a choice board. Giving students’ choice makes them feel more in control during a time when their present situation is stressful and beyond their control.


    1. Offer emotional support to your students

    -Provide empathy to your students. This is obviously a stressful time and not an ideal learning situation. Let your students know you understand that. Lower your expectations and don’t
push too hard.

    -Communicate your frustrations and emotions during this difficult time. Let your students know they are not alone in what they are feeling.

    -Show interest in how your students are doing. Ask questions, make encouraging comments.

    -Praise your students often for their efforts. Acknowledge their use of patience and grit.

    -Encourage your students to stay in touch with friends/classmates for their emotional support as well.

    -Teachers need to have self-compassion. Engage in self-care to be at your best for your students.


    1. Provide positive feedback

    -Provide immediate and frequent praise and positive feedback for work completion.

    -Encourage students to reward themselves with a special activity, snack, game etc. after completing their work.

    -Encourage parents to praise and reward their children for work completion.