Mr. Smith's Classroom

  • Welcome to my teacher page!

    My name is Allen Smith, BSIA, MSIS, MBA, Six Sigma, PA Instructional II and the STEM Engineering teacher. Engineering is a 3-year program at STEM. Students in the program are given the opportunity to earn college credit via the Electro-Mechanical Engineering dual enrollment program with Delaware County Community College. Beginning in 2020-2021, students will serve the role of housing developer for 1-2 vacant properties providing the opportunity to work closely with architecture, engineering and trade professionals. STEM students will learn design principles used in the creation of products, machines and other parts using 3D printing technology.

    There will be a communication form that students and parents can fill out to report various needs or problems related to the class or situations at home that may hinder the student's ability to participate.

    Student Expectations:

    • Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior and language while interacting with teachers, students and staff during class and office hours.
    • Students must access Google Classroom to receive assignments and to submit assignments. Links are listed above.
    • Students must complete and submit assignments in the required time, requested rules and instructions.
    • Students are expected to sign in and remain in the entire Zoom class period unless permitted otherwise by the instructor.
    • Students are expected to sign in at the correct time as listed above. Attendance will be taken and recorded.
    • Students must sign in to the Zoom class using their first and last name and must not change the name at any time

    Contact Info:


2020-21 Bell Schedule (Virtual and In Person)