Mr. Kurman's Classroom


    Welcome to my homepage students and parents!

    I have been building and repairing computers since the mid 1980's. It is a good thing to understand how computers and electronics work so that you can diagnose and fix things yourself.  This can save you time, aggravation and money. I was born at Crozer hospital and grew up in Chester near 3rd and Engle streets. I lived there until I was 20 and then moved when I got married, I still live in the area and am in Chester often outside of school hours. I am very familiar with the city and know that we can improve it through education and some hard work.

    My Zoom office hours will be during scheduled class times. Students are required to log onto the Zoom meetings on time every day just as they would show up to class. If they are late or not present they will be marked late or absent from class for that day. If you need help, please meet with me during scheduled meeting times.

    I am here to help you and want to see all of you succeed in my class as well as all of your other classes.

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