Director's Welcome

  • A Welcome from Digital Academy

    Greetings, and welcome to the Chester Upland School District’s Design Thinking Digital Academy! We are ecstatic that you have chosen or are considering choosing the district’s online programming for your education.

    The District has a central mission surrounding our every activity, and I am here to publicly proclaim our commitment to these principles:

    C. Children First

    O. One Chester Upland

    R. Reimagining

    E. Equity, Excellence and Emotional Intelligence

    How does the Design Thinking Digital Academy (DTDA) support this mission?

    C – Children First

    • You are our priority. You are the reason we are here.
    • Our goal at the DTDA is to focus on you as an individual – identify your interests, capitalize on your strengths, help you eliminate your shortcomings, and get you on your desired path to graduation and beyond!
    • The team – student, parent, school – will work together to customize your educational program so that you can realize your dreams, whether they be college, career, trade school, military, or one of the options that we cannot even imagine in today’s ever-changing landscape.

    O – One Chester Upland

    • The DTDA is open to all students in the Chester Upland School District from grades 6-12.
    • DTDA students can participate in any athletics, arts, clubs, programs, or extracurriculars offered by the district.
    • We want to welcome home our students who have been attending other Cyber and Charter programs in Pennsylvania – come home to Chester!

    R – Reimagining

    • Digital programming in Chester has been reimagined to include the “Design Thinking” curriculum, a curriculum focused on real-world problem solving.
    • Digital programming in Chester has been reimagined from a single option of on-site learning to multiple options ranging from full-time in-person learning to full-time remote learning.
    • By opening our doors to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, we have reimagined digital learning in the district to be more inclusive and created more opportunities for individualized education.

    E – Equity, Excellence, and Emotional Intelligence

    • Every student has a right to help plan their own path to graduation and a meaningful and fulfilling adult life.
    • Our individualized programming enables students with different strengths in different areas to work on the content that matters to them while ensuring that no skill set is left behind.
    • Our whole student approach means you do not just master academics at the DTDA! The Design Thinking component builds your emotional skills through better listening and practicing empathy.  Hands-on projects enhance interpersonal relationship skills, and internships and partnerships will get you out into the community and the workforce before graduation!

    Simply put, we are here to serve you - to help you make you the best you that you can be! Join us to begin the adventure of a lifetime!