About the Academic Year Credit Recovery Program

  • Academic or “in-year” credit recovery has traditionally been offered to seniors for the sole purpose of completing coursework not passed during the original enrollment period. Students can re-take a core or elective course (if offered) to ensure no last-minute surprises on their path to graduation.

    For example, Student A did not pass Biology in grade 10 and did pass Chemistry in grade 11, but due to the student’s CTE courseload, there is no room in the senior schedule for a science class without disrupting the CTE program. This student will register for Academic Year Credit Recovery with their guidance counselor and complete the coursework with certified teacher support through the digital platform. Student B took and passed Spanish 1 as a sophomore but never signed up for the second year of Spanish and is now a senior. Student B cannot take Spanish 2 through Academic Year Credit Recovery because it would be considered “original” credit. This student will need work with their counselor to get Spanish 2 into their regular schedule.

    Academic Year Credit Recovery is offered three times per year in six-week sessions with the expectation that the student will complete 60 hours of instruction (10 hours per week) to earn the missing credit.

    The tentative schedule for Academic Year Credit Recovery for the 2021-2022 school year is:

    • Session 1 – October 4, 2021 – November 19, 2021
    • Session 2 – January 31, 2022 – March 11, 2022
    • Session 3 – April 18, 2022 – May 27, 2022

    Complete the Application for Academic Year Credit Recovery.