About the Design Thinking Academy Program

  • The Design Thinking Digital Academy (DTDA) is the Chester Upland School District’s digital learning option, open to all CUSD students in grades 6–12. DTDA offers comprehensive middle and high school programs during the regular academic year to prepare students for life beyond graduation, whether planning on college, career, trade school, or the military.

    Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 1st, and applications for January enrollment must be completed by December 1st. These deadlines maximize the opportunity for students whether they are enrolling for the full year (August deadline) or the second semester (December deadline).

    DTDA offers four instructional options for all enrolled students. We ask that once your selection is made, you remain in that instructional option for the minimum duration of one marking period.

Instructional Options

  • Option 1: Fully Remote Learning

  • Option 2: Remote Learning with In-Person Support

  • Option 3: Half-Time, In-Person Learning

  • Option 4: Full-Time, In-Person Learning

Registration and Enrollment

  • Step One – Complete the Online Registration Application.

    Step Two – A member of the DTDA staff will contact you to conduct a videoconference or phone interview to understand what you want to accomplish and where your interests are strongest.

    Step Three – Once we have received and reviewed all of your records (academic, extracurricular, attendance, references), you will be notified of your acceptance.

    Step Four – An in-person meeting is held with the student, parent/guardian, and DTDA staff to complete the enrollment papers, create the student’s schedule, and commit to shared expectations.